Janine Dahinden

Professeure ordinaire
d'études transnationales

Laboratoire d'études des processus sociaux (LAPS) and NCCR on the move

President of the Swiss Association for Gender Studies 

Tél. +41 32 718 39 34 

Rue A.-L. Breguet 1, 2000 Neuchâtel (Bureau 310)

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ORCID-ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1806-3520

My research interests

I hold a chair in Transnational Studies since 2007. My research approach represents a contemporary strand of social anthropology that places the understanding of processes of mobility, transnationalism and social and symbolic boundary making in the realm of ethnicity, religion and gender. I have conducted empirical research in Kosovo, Albania and Switzerland using qualitative methodologies, social network analysis and quantitative comparative surveys. I was member of the board of directors of the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population studies between 2005-2006. I have taught at different Universities and published in German, English and French, mainly on issues of mobility, migration, transnationality, ethnicity, social networks and culture.

My research is anchored in what has been called ‘reflexive migration studies’: I aim at developing theoretical and methodological approaches which can overcome the nation-state- and ethnicity-centred epistemology that still largely informs migration studies. I outlined the basic ideas of this approach in my ERS paper on ‘de-migranticization’ of research on migration and integration". On this backdrop my research covers mainly the following fields:

First, I adopt in my work a transnational perspective. I argue that adopting a transnational perspective stands for endorsing a particular, alternative theoretical and epistemological stance on migration issues in order to bring to light processes with are still poorly understood by traditional migration research and by social theory in general.

Second, I follow in my work a post-migration/post-ethnic approach towards understanding the social organization of “difference” and its effects. I strive to address different forms of boundary work as actors undertaken by various actors, as well as investigating social networks through 'cross-cutting-ties-studies’. Approaches such as these allow us to understand how “diversity” is socially organized, (re)produced, both relationally and in the interaction between ‘us’ and ‘them’, in different social fields, power constellations and by different actors, with varying outcomes.

Finally, I am also engaged in commissioned research. I am convinced about the important role that social scientists are to play by getting involved in political debates, such as for example migration issues. I have, for instance, been commissioned by state authorities in Switzerland to study the role of migrant networks for integration programs, the position of the Muslim population in the canton of Zurich, the remittance behavior of Serbian migrants, the working conditions of cabaret-dancers, and more recently the dynamics of the so called 'forced marriage'.

For more details see my research projects (same page) and publications or the data base of UNINE


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Dahinden, Janine, and Martine Schaer. (2020). "Gender matters! Le genre comme élément crucial de la production des inégalités." Link

Dahinden, Janine, Carolin Fischer, and Joanna Menet. (2020). "Knowledge Production, Reflexivity and the Use of Categories in Migration Studies: Tackling Challenges in the Field?". Link

Anne Kristol and Janine Dahinden (2019). Becoming a Citizen through Marriage...Link

Moret, Joëlle, Apostolos Andrikopoulos and Janine Dahinden (2019). "Contesting categories: cross-border marriages from the perspectives of the state, spouses and researchers." Link