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The Annotated Migration Law Code

For the first time in Switzerland, regardless of language, one work offers a comprehensive vision of the subject!

Directed by Professors Cesla Amarelle and Minh Son Nguyen, the Annotated Migration Law Code provides an overview of the new legal approach to migration in Swiss law.

Appearing in five volumes:
- Volume I: Human rights and migration;
- Volume II: Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (LEtr);
- Volume III: Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (ALCP);
- Volume IV: Asylum Law (LAsi);
- Volume V: Nationality Law (LN);


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Practices in Migration Law



Migration Law Year Book


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  • The fourth volume of the Code annoté de droit des migrations : Loi sur l’asile (Annotated Migration Law Code: Asylum Law) has just been released. Order
  • The Annuaire du droit de la migration (Migration Law Yearbook) 2013/2014 studies “Migration and Criminality”. Commander
  • The first three volumes of the Code annoté de droit des migrations (Annotated Migration Law Code) (human rights, free movement and nationality law) are now available from Editions Stämpfli
  • The publication "Le droit d'asile face aux réformes: Fondements et enjeux dans la pratique" (Asylum Law in the face of reform: foundations and issues in practice) is available from Editions Stämpfli