Working papers


WP-17-14: Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS): Objectives, design, and implementation, Sylvain Weber, Paul Burger, Mehdi Farsi, Adam L. Martinez-Cruz, Michael Puntiroli, Iljana Schubert and Benjamin Volland

WP-17-13: If I Do not Ask for Help, It Does not Mean I Do not Need It: Experimental Analysis of Recipients’ Procedural Preferences for Redistribution, Serhiy Kandul and Olexandr Nikolaychuk. 

WP-17-12: I deserve more! An experimental analysis of illusory ownership in dictator games, Serhiy Kandul and Olexander Nikolaychuk. 

WP-17-11: Interactions in Swiss Households' Energy Demand: A Holistic Approach, Ivan Tilov, Benjamin Volland and Mehdi Farsi. 

WP-17-10: The value of air quality in Chinese cities: Evidence from labor and property market outcomes, Xuan Huang and Bruno Lanz.

WP-17-09: Is Deflation Costly After All? The Perils of Erroneous Historical Classifications, Daniel Kaufmann.

WP-17-08: The expansion of modern agriculture and global biodiversity decline: An integrated assessment, Bruno Lanz, Simon Dietz and Tim Swanson.

WP-17-07: Global economic growth and agricultural land conversion under uncertain productivity improvements in agriculture, Bruno Lanz, Simon Dietz and Tim Swanson.

WP-17-06: The Share of Foreigners in One's Occupation and Attitudes Towards Foreigners, Marco Pecoraro and Didier Ruedin.

WP-17-05: Causal Link Between Bilateral Aid and Exports: The Swiss Case, Luciano Lopez.

WP-17-04: Correcting Measurement Errors in Transition Models Based on Retrospective Panel Data, Shaimaa Yassin and François Langot.

WP-17-03: Testing for Granger Causality in Panel Data, Luciano Lopez and Sylvain Weber.

WP-17-02: Empirical Identification of Time Preferences: Theory and An Illustration Using Convex Time Budgets, Antoine Bommier and Bruno Lanz.

WP-17-01: The Behavioral Effect of Pigovian Regulation: Evidence from a Field Experiment, Bruno Lanz, Jules-Daniel Wurlod, Luca Panzone and Timothy Swanson.


WP-16-15: A Nonparametric Analysis of the Healthy Immigrant Effect, Antonio Fidalgo, Alberto Holly, Marco Pecoraro and Philippe Wanner.

WP-16-14: The Migrant Health Gap and the Role of Lbour Market Status: Evidence from Switzerland, Sara Rellstab, Marco Pecoraro, Alberto Holly, Philippe Wanner and Karine Renard.

WP-16-13: Energy Supply Contracting Adoption: Empirical Evidence from the Swiss Market, Sandra Klinke.

WP-16-12: Consumers' Preferences on the Swiss Car Market, Sylvain Weber.

WP-16-11: The Direct and Indirect Rebound Effects for Residential Heating in Switzerland, Cecile Hediger, Mehdi Farsi and Sylvain Weber.

WP-16-10: A Simple Command to Calculate Travel Distance and Travel Time, Sylvain Weber and Martin Péclat.

WP-16-09: Informality, Public Employment and Employment Protection in Developing Countries, François Langot and Shaimaa Yassin.

WP-16-08: GTAPINGAMS, Version 9: Multiregional and Small Open Economy Models with Alternative Demand Systems, Bruno Lanz and Thomas F. Rutherford.

WP-16-07: Constructing Labor Market Transitions Recall Weights in Retrospective Data: An Application to Egypt and Jordan, Shaimaa Yassin.

WP-16-06: Using Averting Expenditures to Estimate the Demand for Public Goods: Combining Objective and Perceived Quality, Bruno Lanz and Allan Provins.

WP-16-05: Global Population Growth, Technology and Mathusian Constraints: A Quantitative Growth Theoretic Perspective, Bruno Lanz, Simon Dietz and Tim Swanson.

WP-16-04: The Demand for Tap Water Quality: Survey Evidence on Water Hardness and Aesthetic Quality, Bruno Lanz and Allan Provins.

WP-16-03: Move It! How an Electric Contest Motivates Households to Shift their Load Profile, Sylvain Weber, Stefano Puddu and Diana Pacheco.

WP-16-02: The Role of Risk and Trust Attitudes in Explaining Residential Energy Demand: Evidence from the United Kingdom, Benjamin Volland.

WP-16-01: Effieciency in Domestic Space Heating: An Estimation of the Direct Rebound Effect for Domestic Heating in the U.S., Benjamin Volland.


WP-15-09: Dangerous Liaisons: Interests Groups and Politicians' Votes. A Swiss Perspective, Stefano Puddu and Martin Péclat.

WP-15-08: Supply Analysis of the Forestry Industry, Géraud Krähenbühl.

WP-15-07: TAF Effect on Liquidity Risk Exposure, Stefano Puddu et Andreas Waelchli.

WP-15-06: TARP Effect on Bank Lending Behaviour: Evidence from the Last Financial Crisis, Stefano Puddu et Andreas Waelchli.

WP-15-05: Back to 1820? Spatial Distribution of GDP and CO2 Emissions, Caspar Sauter, Jean-Marie Grether and Nicole Mathys.

WP-15-04: Links of Interest of Swiss MPs: A Comprehensive Dataset, Martin Péclat and Stefano Puddu.

WP-15-03: CO2 Emissions and Greenhouse Gas Policy Stringency - An Empirical Assessment, Marcel Probst and Caspar Sauter.

WP-15-02: Estimating the Value of Preserving the Doubs, Nikola Jovanoski.

WP-15-01: Geographical Spread of Global Emissions: Within-country Inequalities Are Increasing, Caspar Sauter, Jean-Marie Grether and Nicole Mathys.

2014 and older

WP-14-03: Travel Distance and Fuel Efficiency: An Estimation of the Rebound Effect using Micro-Data in Switzerland, Sylvain Weber and Mehdi Farsi.

WP-14-01: How Should we Measure Environmental Policy Stringency? A New Approach, Caspar Sauter (Online appendix).

WP-13-03: The Impact of Cannabis Use on Short-Term Educational Outcomes, Lionel Perini and Joaquim Marti.

WP-13-02: Optimal Weights and Stress Banking Indexes, Stefano Puddu.

WP-13-01: Real Sector Banking System: Real Feedback Effects. A Non-Linear VAR Approach, Stefano Puddu.

WP-12-02: Energy Endowments, Barriers to Trade and Industry Location in Chinese Provinces, Irina Hotz.

WP-12-01: Peer Effects and School Design : AN Analysis of Efficiency and Equity, Lionel Perini.

WP-11-03: Health Conditions and Social Interactions, Diana Pacheco Barzallo.

WP-11-02: Government and Growth , Milad Zarin-Nejadan.

WP-11-01: Too TAF towards the Risk, Stefano Puddu and Andreas Waelchli.

WP-04-01: L'accroissement des dépenses de santé: hausse des coûts ou amélioration des prestation, Jeanrenaud Claude, Hélène Chevrou-Severac, Jean-B. Wasserfallen.

WP-04-02: Viabilité à long terme de la politique budgétaire: utilité des comptes de génération, Jeanrenaud Claude.

WP-03-01: Science-Technology-Industry Network, The Competitiveness of Swiss Biotechnology: A Case Study of Innovation, Carrin J.Bart, Yuko Harayama, Milad Zarin-Nejadan and Mack Alexander.

WP-03-02: India's Trade Policy for Sale: How Much? Who Buys? Cadot Olivier, Grether Jean-Marie and Olarreaga Marcelo

WP-03-03: Knowledge Economy & Production Mack Alexander

WP-02-01: Dynamique de la Création de Connaissances: Le Rôle de l'Université et de l'Industrie, Zarin-Nejadan Milad and Harayama Yuko.

WP-02-02: Globalization and Dirty Industries: Do Pollution Havens Matter, Grether Jean-Marie and De Melo Jaime.

WP-02-03: Impact de l'Université de Neuchâtel sur l'économie cantonale 2000, Schönbenberger Alain and Arnold Cyril.

WP-01-01: Les risques liés à la libéralisation du marché de l'électricité: problématique et esquisse de solutions, Romerio Franco and Milad Zarin-Nejadan.

WP-00-01: Effets économiques de l'aide publique au développement en Suisse, Pult Guido and Jacques Forster.

WP-00-02: Effets économiques de l'aide publique au développement en Suisse. Résumé de l'étude, Pult Guido and Jacques Forster.

WP-00-03: The Political Economy of International Migration in a Ricardo-Viner Model, Grether Jean-Marie, Jaime de Melo and Tobias Müller.

WP-00-04: Trade and Competition Policy: Where Do We Stand?, Cadot Olivier, Grether Jean-Marie and Jaime de Melo.

WP-00-05: Evolution de l'emploi dans le secteur public (paru dans le rapport annuel 2004 de la Commission fédérale pour les questions conjoncturelles), Jeanrenaud Claude.

WP-00-06: Valuing intangible costs of lung cancer, Jeanrenaud Claude et France Priez.

WP-99-01: Système fiscal suisse.Stratégies pour réduire les distorsionset les entraves à la compétitivité , Jeanrenaud Claude et Pierre Monnin.

WP-99-02: The Social Cost of Smoking in Switzerland, Vitale Sarino, France Priez and Claude Jeanrenaud.

WP-99-03: Obstacles to the implementation of tradable permits: The case of Switzerland, Jeanrenaud Claude.

WP-99-04: Faut-il introduire des taxes vertes? Jeanrenaud Claude.