Ghislaine Lang

Teaching assistant / PhD candidate

Teaching and research

  • Teaching: Applied Econometrics, Empirical Methods for Economists
  • Research: energy efficiency, energy efficiency gap, rebound effect, household energy demand, renewable energies, environmental economics, behavioral and experimental economics


  • Subject: "Essays on the Economics of Energy and Real Estate"
  • Supervisor: Prof. Bruno Lanz

Working Papers

  • WP 18-04: Ghislaine Lang & Bruno Lanz, 2018. "Energy efficiency, information, and the acceptability of rent increases: A multiple price list experiment with tenants"
  • WP 19-06: Serhiy Kandul & Ghislaine Lang & Bruno Lanz, 2019. "Social comparison and energy conservation in a collective action context: A field experiment"
  • WP 20-03: Ghislaine Lang & Bruno Lanz, 2020. "​Climate policy without a price signal: Evidence on the implicit carbon price of energy efficiency in buildings"