Bachelor degree in Economics

Undergraduate studies in Economics offer a wide range of professional opportunities, as it teaches students how to apply the toolbox of economics to tackle real-world issues.   

The Bachelor program in Economics is structured as follows:

  • Two years providing foundations in key domains, including Economic principles, Statistics, Management, and Finance
  • A one-year specialization focusing on more advanced topics (e.g. economic growth, economic strategy, economic policy, and empirical methods)

The skills and tools acquired during program are highly sought after, as a deep understanding of how markets work is useful for management and investment decisions by firms and governmnents, among others. As a social science, Economics also offers a powerful framework to study resource allocation across individuals and over time.

Master degree in Applied Economics

The Institute of Economic Research offers a master program in Applied Economics, which provides a carefully designed curriculum with applied courses in micro/macroeconomics and econometrics. The program focuses on a variety of policy applications, with the possibility to obtain a major in:

  • Public finance and regulation
  • Energy and environmental policy
  • Trade and migration

A complete description of the program, application procedure, and examples of student placements can be found on the MScAPEC homepage

PhD in Economics

Doctoral studies in Economics at the University of Neuchâtel train economists to conduct cutting-edge research and make original contribution of both practical and academic interest. 

Admission to the doctoral program is highly selective, and accepted candidates are usually funded as research or teaching assistants. Interested students can check for current funding opportunities here. 

You can consult a list of PhD dissertations that have been written at the Institute.

Continuing education in Public Economics and Finance

The Institute of Economic Research offers a one-year continuing education program leading to the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Public Economics and Finance. The program is designed for professionals who need to gain a deeper understanding of issues related to public sector economics.

Details about this program can be found here.