IPTO - research

Our research is situated in the domains of work- and organizational as well as social psychology. Our projects cover a wide range from appraisal and emotion recognition to conversation analysis and social interactions at work, work stress, leadership research and group dynamics. We continuously collaborate with companies, hospitals, other universities or research institutions.

Adrian Bangerter, PO:
  • Social interaction and practices in selection and appraisal interviews
  • Coordination in collaborative work
  • Group processes and teamwork
  • Discourse and conversation analysis of task-related communication
  • Interplay of language and non-verbal communication (gesture)
  • Social representations, Diffusion of ideas and social construction of knowledge
  • Life course research
Laurenz Meier, PO:
  • Occupational health psychology / Stress at work
  • Counterproductive work behavior
  • Work-Family Conflict
  • Personality at work
  • Self-esteem and Narcissism
Maike Debus, PA:
  • Economic stressors (specifically job insecurity and overqualification at work)
  • Resources and recovery from work
  • Impression management at work