Programme du colloque scientifique de l'Institut de Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations (IPTO) - Automne 2017

Le colloque a lieu le jeudi/ thursday 12:30 à 13:30

Lieu/Where: Emile-Argand 11, Salle E213 ou C001, 2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Colloque de recherche Automne 2017

21.09. Internal meeting
28.09 Tba tba
05.10. Team presentation Bangerter  
12.10. Workshop by Eric Mayor (University of Neuchâtel) Cluster Analysis in R
19.10. Lauren Kennedy (Virginia Tech Carilion, USA) Evaluation of biofeedback interface components for the management of acute stress in healthcare
26.10. Maike Debus (University of Zürich) Seeing one's job at stake: A contextual perspective on job insecurity
02.11. Team presentation Meier  
09.11. Renzo Bianchi (University of Neuchâtel) Etiology of the burnout syndrome
16.11. Post-doc team presentation
23.11. Petra Schmid (ETH Zürich) Social power facilitates goal pursuit: Some insights into the how and why
30.11. Jamie Gloor (University of Zürich) An unavoidable, inconvenient truth? The ‘Maybe Baby‘ effect in hiring and interpersonal interactions at work
07.12. Team presentation Tschan  
14.12. Jonas Masdonati (University of Lausanne) Career transitions and identity construction
21.12. Internal Meeting