Meta-analysis on crossover effects

Request for Unpublished Studies: Crossover Effects in Couples

Dear colleagues,

We are conducting a meta-analysis on crossover effects from work to nonwork and from nonwork to work in couples. 

For this purpose, we are looking for unpublished empirical studies (e.g., dissertations, working papers, or conference presentations) that have data on

  • whether one’s work experiences (e.g., person A’s job stressors or resources) are related to the partner’s experience at home (e.g., person B’s marital satisfaction) or the partner’s general well-being (e.g., person B’s depressive symptoms)
  • whether one’s nonwork experiences (e.g., person A’s family stressors or resource) are related to the partner’s experience at work (e.g., person B’s job satisfaction)
  • whether one’s experiences at the work-family interface (e.g., person A’s work-family conflict or work-family enrichment) are related to the partner’s experiences (e.g., person B’s job and marital satisfaction, depressive symptoms, work-family conflict, work-family enrichment)

The studies must

  • have (self-)reports from both spouses
  • be in English or have an English translation, so we can understand the study design and extract statistical information

If you have such a study and would be willing to share it with us, please send it to Rebekka Steiner (rebekka.steiner@psy.unibe.ch).

If you are uncertain as to whether your work is relevant, please send it to us anyway. Moreover, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Laurenz Meier (laurenz.meier@unine.ch)

with Rebekka Steiner, Denise Messerli, Andreas Hirschi, and Franciska Krings