Harnessing the potential of data visualization and narratives produced by media and public actors in times of pandemic or health crisis


How well the public understands data has a major influence on the successful management of pandemics and other health crises. Data related to Covid-19 has been extremely abundant but not always well understood by citizens, sometimes resulting in confusion and/or resistance to public health measures. As data’s importance in understanding the world and decision making has grown, they have increasingly become subject to distortion and manipulation from their original meaning, therefore propagating erroneous information.
The aim of the project is to contribute to a better understanding of data in the future, which can be achieved by improving data literacy (reception side) and by presenting and explaining data in ways that facilitate its understanding (production side).

Persons and institutions

Principal applicant Co-applicant(s) Team
Prof. Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel
Academy of journalism and media
University of Neuchâtel
Prof. Adrian Holzer
Institute of Information Management
University of Neuchâtel
Prof. Valery Bezençon
Institute of Management (IMN)
University of Neuchâtel
Senior R&T Fellow Michael Puntiroli
Institute of Management (IMN)
University of Neuchâtel

Administrative data

  • Start date : 01.12.2022
  • End date : 31.11.2025
  • Amount: 499 986 CHF
  • Financing : SNF NFP 80 - COVID-19 and society