Thèses depuis 2011

Eric Rakotoasimbola

Rigorous testing of causality models in consumer behavior research in Marketing.

September 2017, University of Neuchâtel


Philippe Lamb

Mesurer la performance du processus d'internationalisation des PMEs : Test empirique d'un modèle conceptuel à partir d'études de cas longitudinales.

December 2016, University of Neuchâtel


Francesco Gallmann

Service level improvement through lead time reduction and inventory optimization

June 2015, University of Neuchâtel


Olivier Naray

An Empirical Analysis of the Roles, Activties and Performance of Commercial Diplomats in Promoting International Business

February 2015, University of Neuchâtel


Haris Stucki

The Mapping of an Agile Strategy in a New Business World : From atoms and recipes to bytes and mental agility

December 2014, University of Neuchâtel 


Arda Alp

Evaluation of the Dynamic Impacts of Customer Centered Lead Time Reduction Improvements on Customer-Oriented and Financial Performance - A Hybrid Approach of System Dynamics and Queuing Network Analysis

January 2014, University of Neuchâtel


Dominik Glaesser

Ein nachhaltiges Supply Chain Bewertungsmodell unter besonderer Berücksichtigung zeitlicher Wettbewerbsfaktoren

January 2012, University of Neuchâtel


Yvan Nieto

Supply chain performance : the impact of interactions between flexibility enablers and uncertainty

June 2011, University of Neuchâtel