Stefan Toepfer, PhD


CAS 1, Topic 5 - Integrated Pest Management

CAS 2, Topic 2 - Agricultural System Implementation

CAS 3, Topic 2 - Green direct control


Crop Health Advisor, Research Scientist Arthropod Biological Control; CABI-Switzerland

Scientific background and interests: My role as an advisor for integrated crop management is to work with local partners in various developing, transitional and developed countries to improve agricultural practices. I provide technical support to reduce the use of pesticides and to help farmers implement more sustainable crop management practices. My role as a research scientist involves work on biological control and integrated pest management of agricultural pests. I support international projects on the mass production and application of biological control agents, such as parasitoids or entomopathogenic nematodes. I have been involved in projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Eastern and Southern Africa as well as  PR China and DPR Korea.

My background in education for more than 15 years includes individual or group training programs in pest and disease diagnosis and management in agriculture. I am master trainer within the global Plantwise programme, and I am adjunct professor at the MATE University in Hungary, and visiting professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I have supervised numerous international BSc, MSc and PhD students.

Webpage: https://www.cabi.org/cabi-people/stefan-toepfer/