Manfred Grossrieder, MSc


All CAS: Introduction & Wrap Up

CAS 1, Topic 6: Cropping strategies

CAS 2, Topic 7: Agricultural extension


Crop Health Advisor, CABI-Switzerland

Scientific background and interests: Trained as a teacher and as an ecologist, specialising in entomology, I have been working for 20 years at the interface of capacity building and agro-ecology. Relevant work experience includes the development, implementation and dissemination of integrated crop management in various agricultural crop systems, and the development of curricula and manuals for farmer participatory training and research in many countries (incl. DPR Korea, China, Pakistan, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Brazil, Kosovo, Albania). Over the last years, I have been coordinating and teaching in the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) program, the predecessor of the current CAS / DAS in ICM programmes.

Implementing sustainable approaches like ICM usually include a sound knowledge base about the tools and techniques that can be integrated. Experience shows that irrespective of the country, implementation is not purely technical but needs to be addressed in a broader context considering feasibility and willingness to adopt.

I hope to contribute to course participants’ technical base (CAS 1, cropping strategies) and at the implementation level (CAS 2, agricultural extension) to support the transformation of agricultural systems towards a more sustainable production of high-quality food.

Webpage: https://www.cabi.org/cabi-people/manfred-grossrieder/