Keith Holmes, PhD

Keith Holmes

CAS 1, Topic 4: Seed/Planting Materials

CAS 2, Topic 7: Climate change and agriculture: towards Climate Smart Pest Management


Crop Health Advisor/Senior Scientist, CABI-Switzerland

Scientific background and interests:  I work with local partners in developing, transitional and developed countries, facilitating the improvement of agricultural practices. My background is in biochemistry, mycology and plant pathology. I have over 25 years’ experience as a research manager and researcher in various aspects of ICM, the use of conventional (chemical) and non-conventional (biocontrol agents, elicitors of induced resistance) control approaches, with a particular focus on fungal plant pathogens in temperate and tropical systems. More recently I have been involved in the development, mass production and application of biocontrol agents including entomopathogenic nematodes (soil insect pests for arable and horticultural crops), Trichogramma parasitoids (Lepidopteran pests in fruit orchards) and Trichoderma (oomycete & fungal pathogens in tree nurseries).  Currently implementing a climate smart maize project in DPR Korea. I have consultancy experience in Central and South America, Far East Asia, South East Asia and West Africa where I have been involved in various activities from pest and disease management, to institutional capacity building within research, extension and governmental institutions. My role also includes the development of technical dossiers, training manuals, and scientific & non-scientific publications.

Webpage: https://www.cabi.org/cabi-people/keith-holmes/