Christian willisch

research interest

In general my research interests are broad within the field of wildlife ecology.
Particularly, I am interested in behavioural ecology and population dynamics
of wild ungulates.
In my PhD thesis, I plan to investigate reproductive behaviour of Alpine ibex
(Capra ibex ibex), a highly dimorphic mountain ungulate. There is indication that
life-history strategies of ibex differ markedly from those known in other ungulates.
Therefore, a major focus of my study will be on measuring individual reproductive
effort and reproductive success in male and female ibex. Furthermore by promoting
our understanding of ibex ecology, the results are thought to provide reliable data
necessary to optimize current management strategies for this species.

curriculum vitae

since 2005
Ph.D thesis
University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Diploma thesis
Ethology & Nature Conservation
University of Berne, Switzerland
Biology undergraduate studies
University of Berne, Switzerland