MAS/DAS/CAS in Health Law

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The programme

The continuing education in Health Law programme offered by the University of Neuchâtel’s Health Law Institute, together with the SSPH+ (Swiss School of Public Healthplus) is unique within Switzerland.

No other programme offers such a comprehensive overview of the Swiss regulations on healthcare. Each year, there are many legislative reforms and proposed regulations which directly concern Health Law, contributing to jurisprudence and generating political interest. In the light of this complex and continuous development, the Health Law Institute offers three CAS programmes adaptable to your needs, leading to a CAS, DAS or MAS qualification.

With input from academics and professional practitioners, this programme offers an interdisciplinary, interactive and innovative education.

  1. CAS Patient Rights and Public Health
  2. CAS Social Insurance, Employment and Health Law
  3. CAS Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law

To achieve a MAS, three CAS programmes must be studied; in addition, a dissertation must be written. One of these three programmes can be followed at the Universities of Lausanne or Geneva (see regulations and appendix). The DAS qualification is awarded on completion of two CAS programmes at the UniNE, and the writing of a dissertation.


  • Identify and understand the regulations relating to individual and public health.
  • Perform a critical analysis of a legal text, from an ethical perspective (among others).
  • Understand the methodology, values and modes of legal reasoning, as well as the different ways of regulating public health issues.

Target audience

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Administrative personnel (hospitals, administrative bodies, international organizations)
  • Legal practitioners
  • Insurers
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • Members of the federal, cantonal and communal administrations


MAS: Master’s degree, or qualification deemed equivalent, as well as work experience relevant to the field of healthcare.
Holders of a Bachelor’s degree (or qualification deemed equivalent) who have significant work experience may also be admitted on a case-by-case basis.
DAS/CAS: university degree, HES Bachelor’s degree or qualification deemed equivalent. Those without one of the above qualifications who nonetheless have relevant vocational training and work experience in the field of healthcare may also be admitted, with the consent of the programme coordinator.

Title awarded

MAS - Master of Advanced Studies in Health Law:
60 ECTS credits.

DAS - Diploma of Advanced Studies in Health Law:
35 ECTS credits.

CAS - Certificate of Advanced Studies in Health Law:
15 ECTS credits. 

Dates and venue

1. CAS Patient Rights and Public Health, March to December 2020

2. CAS Social Insurance, Employment and Health Law, February to December 2018

3. CAS Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law, next session: 2019


22 tuition days, taking place on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or on Thursday, Friday or Saturday once a month, at the University of Neuchâtel, two minutes from the station.


Applications must include the following:

Applicants may register online.

Enrolment fees

MAS: CHF 18,500.00 / CHF 14,000.00 if a CAS programme is followed outside the UniNE
DAS: CHF 13,000.00
CAS: CHF 6,500.00

Short courses and auditing students: fees vary according to the number of days (more information)


Health Law Institute

Continuing Education
Avenue du 1er-Mars 26
2000 Neuchâtel
032 718 12 80

Enrolment deadlines

CAS 2 - Social Insurance, Employment and Health Law

Register online

Application form

Short courses

Vous n’avez pas la possibilité de suivre la formation complète ?
Nous vous proposons des modules thématiques à choix, d’un à trois jours.


1 journée CHF 600. -
2 journées CHF 900. -
3 journées CHF 1200. -

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Course dates

CAS 1 - Patient Rights and Public Health

March to December 2020


CAS 2 - Social Insurance, Employment and Health Law

February to December 2018


CAS 3 - Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law


Chaque module peut être suivi en formation courte en tant qu'auditeur.


University of Neuchâtel

Programme coordinator

Lisa Raval
Cheffe de projet
Tél. 032 718 12 80

Academic coordinator

Olivier Guillod
Professeur ordinaire
Directeur de l'Institut de droit de la santé


Dominique Sprumont
Professeur ordinaire
Vice-directeur de l'Institut du droit de la santé

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