Courses 2020

C= communication skills  T= research tools  S=scientific activities

Title Date Category
DPOB Students Seminars Friday, every two weeks S
Planning your career: Job Finding Methodology, Networking and Training to meet your future employer expectations 22-23 January C/finished
Biostatistics for non-statisticians: good practices, misuse and pitfalls 27-28 January & 3 February T/finished
Open science: Improving your research workflow to increase transparency and reproducibility - joint with CUSO 11-12 February S/finished
Storytelling techniques for scientific writing 13 & 27 March C/finished
Smart Productivity Workshop - 2h online 3rd June C/finished
An Introduction to R - in coll. with CUSO 14-15 & 24 September T/finished
Annual Ph.D. students' meeting 2020 28 September S/finished
Applied statistical regression modelling for biologists using R - joint with CUSO EE 16, 23, 30 October & 6, 13 November T/FULL
R: tidyverse for Data Science - joint with CUSO EE 5 & 12 November T/FULL
How to obtain your first post-doctoral fellowship 9 November C/CLOSED
Chlorophyll fluorescence: in vivo study of plant physiology 15 December T/OPEN
Meet your Future (local) Employer half-day Nov - Dec 2020 TBA C
Plant imaging: advanced light microscopy - a joint course with CUSO MPS 28-29 January 2021 T/OPEN
Scientific Writing postponed to January 2021 C/FULL
Visions for a sustainable agriculture - a joint workshop with CUSO and CABI Switzerland postponed to May 2021 S
Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry - in coll. with LS2 postponed to October 2021 C
The use of machine learning models in behaviour, ecology & evolution - joint with CUSO EE postponed to 2021 S
Introduction to Analytics and Metabolomics - joint with CUSO MPS canceled T
Metabarcoding pipeline building - joint with CUSO canceled T

Other activities (seminars, courses, ...) that could grant ECTS (external)

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Past 2020 external activity:

  • Biology20, the largest conference of organismal biology in Switzerland, 6-7 February 2020, Fribourg (0.5 ECTS poster, 1.0 ECTS oral presentation, scientific activities). PhD students enrolled in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Organismal Biology are entitled to travel expenses reimbursement. Please use the online Reimbursement Form.