Plant imaging: advanced light microscopy - a joint course with CUSO MPS

26-27 January 2023

Venue: University of Geneva, building Sciences III, Room 0059

Instructors: Dr. Sylvain Loubéry (University of Geneva) and Dr. Christoph Bauer (University of Geneva)




The course will focus on light microscopy, and the objective of the course is two-fold:

- to acquire or strengthen basic knowledge of the most common methods of plant optical imaging (including sample preparation and staining);
- to acquire or strengthen basic skills in image acquisition and in image analysis.

The course includes three lectures on basic and advanced fluorescence microscopy, sample preparation, and image analysis.
In parallel, hands-on sessions will be held on fluorescence microscopy and on image analysis.

During the hands-on sessions, all participants will use at least three different set-ups, including widefield as well as CLSM confocal microscopes. These sessions will be done with samples brought by the participants. For the hands-on microscopy parts, participants will be grouped by 3 and the groups will rotate between different microscopes. During the image analysis hands-on, participants will work on image analysis and Fiji; this will be done on laptops brought by the participants.
The practicals will take place at the Bioimaging Center of UniGE.

The participants are expected to have prior experience with microscopy (and preferably with confocal microscopy).
Participants will be asked to bring their own laptops for the image analysis hand-on session.



Find detailed program here

General information

Travel expenses covered by DSLS (return ticket to Geneva on the basis of a 2nd class half-price ticket)

Make sure you sign the attendance sheet each and every day.


​Registration here


 Maximum number of participants: people (minimum 6).
 4 places available for DSLS students.

A waiting list will be prepared to ensure that there are no empty seats.

Deadline for registration: 11 January 2023



*For cancellations after the deadline of registration or no-show: 50 CHF administrative fee


Credits: 1.0

Category: Research tools (R)