DPOB Seminars & apéro

Thursday 5pm, once a month, in Neuchâtel


These voluntary seminars are destined for PhD students members of the DPOB doctoral program only

They are here to help you learn about the amazing diversity of projects in our program and to meet fellow PhD students throughout the year (as a complement to the Annual PhD Meeting).

These seminars aim at offering a safe place to practice your presentations skills in front of a friendly audience, but also to develop your critical assessement skills by asking questions.

These seminars are ideal if you have just started your PhD, are about to start a new chapter of your thesis, or would like to discuss ideas for future studies or research protocols. 

You can also use the seminars as an opportunity to present new results or to practice for a conference talk, your mid-thesis meeting, or your PhD defense.

We highly encouraged you to take part in these seminars, by attending, asking questions, and presenting.

Format & Audience

A PhD student gives a 10-15 minutes presentation, followed by a 15-20 minutes question/discussion session, where the audience can ask questions and/or provide constructive feedbacks.

The audience is composed of your fellow PhD students within the doctoral program work. The Phd projects range from primate behavior to microbiology, to plant physiology or mosquitoe-transmitted-diseases. The seminar topics therefore cover a wide range of biology related research fields. It is therefore recommended to keep the talk short and accessible to all audiences (unless you are practicing for a talk with a specific required format).

The seminar is followed by an apero to continue the discussion, or simply to socialize with your peers.


The next dates:

  • 24th February
  • 31st March
  • 28th April 
  • 28th May
  • 30th June


Would you like to give a presentation?

Please write to the organizing team:  Cristovao De Jesus Vieira Teixeira; Gent Ballabani; Thai Bui

General information


Date: Thursday evening, once a month

Schedule: 5 pm onwards

Venue: University of Neuchâtel, Faculty of Science, room B104 



- 0.5 ECTS for a presenting a talk (Scientific activities).  Each PhD student can only get credits for presenting once a year. After the seminar, please send a confirmation email and your abstract to the doctoral program coordinator.

- 1.0 ECTS for organizing these seminars during 1 year (= 10 seminars) (Communication activities)

- no ECTS for attendance only


Information: Please contact the organizing team Cristovao De Jesus Vieira Teixeira; Gent Ballabani; Thai Bui or the doctoral program coordinator.

Registration: no need to register to attend the seminars.

A note about the Imposter Syndrome

The initial idea for launching these seminar series, was to help you fight the so-called Imposter Syndrome. However, these seminars are far more than that and you should feel welcome to participate no matter what.

What is the Imposter Syndrome?

PhD students and scientists in general often suffer from the imposter syndrome, which is not a disease, but a crippling feeling of not being good enough, being in the wrong place and just generally to be a fraud.

More about it here, here, and here.

Presenting your work in front of a friendly audience, receiving constructive critical assessment and honest feedbacks on your research project, and being gently pushed away from your comfort zone can reduce this feeling and make a significant difference in your self perception and your worth as a scientist. 

We are aware that this solution might not work for everyone, but we would like to offer the opportunity. Moreover, getting more experience in presenting our research can only be good for everyone.