Aims and concept

The "Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Organismal Biology" is the continuation of the NCCR Doctoral Program "Plants and their  Environment". It is integrated in the Institute of Biology of the University of Neuchâtel.

The program aims to foster scientific quality and creativity and offers doctoral students a variety of courses and activities that will promote their general ability to deal with challenges in contemporary academic, administrative, and commercial environments.

Please note that the Doctoral Program is not involved in the prospective PhD students recruitment process.

A broadly based schooling and intensive interactions among research groups are the fundamental elements of the Doctoral Program. The main objective is that students will acquire high standard academic competence as well as skills that are easily transferable to non-academic environments. Therefore the academic programme goes beyond the specific aspects of the individual research projects.

This is accomplished by:


  • Each academic year a minimum of six courses are given on subjects that broaden the knowledge and skills of the participants in various fields.
  • Special workshops are organised, during which experts in a particular area of research are invited to give lectures and interact with students.
  • Attendance at national and international scientific meetings is strongly encouraged. Students can apply for competitive grants offered by the Doctoral Programme to attend such meetings.


Mobility is promoted to expose students to different research environments, to exchange ideas, and learn about novel approaches and techniques. This is accomplished by:

  • Encouraging and sponsoring students to visit and acquire research experience at other research groups.
  • Offering doctoral students the opportunity to present their work at workshops and international congresses.