Mobility grant for visiting another laboratory or for special scientific training


Visiting another laboratory is a great opportunity to broaden expertise and to learn new methods which are not available in the home lab.

A mobility grant can also be requested for a special scientific training like summer schools, winter schools, and other intensive training programs.


In any cases, decision on financial support will be based on the quality, added value and importance for the PhD project of the applicant.


To apply, please fill up the mobility request form, at least 3 months before the aimed date of departure. A decision is usually made within 3 weeks after receipt of the request.


After the event, please do not forget to request your ECTS using the External ECTS validation request form!


Reminber that you can be awarded only one mobility grant and one travel grant from our doctoral program during your full PhD. You may look at the external grants page for learning about other opportunities from other programs and funding bodies.


The reimbursement will usually take place after the trip.

Download the reimbursement form and send it together with all original receipts to the doctoral program coordinator at organismal.biology@unine.ch.