Electronic Key Macroinvertebrates

An Electronic Tool for Aquatic Invertebrates Identification in Switzerland



  • General key and 12 keys to main taxonomic groups
  • 160 descriptive files (= ecological traits)
  • Teaching tools for identification: 3D simulations, annotated pictures
  • Development in strong association with future users and practitioners
  • Rich in pictures
  • For computers and tablets (compatibility: Windows)
  • Friendly identification to family level
  • Abundance of ecological information
  • Switzerland and surroundings


  • Flexibility, multiple paths to achieve identification assisted by user friendly tools
  • Right to be wrong, correct diagnosis possible even with one or more wrong answers
  • No restriction on which character to use, i.e. the easiest or the most useful






  • CHF 200.-

Further information

Available version

  • Windows only (computers, laptops or PC tablets), there's no MAC OS version available

Free Trial E-Key Macroinvertebrates

  • One week free trial with a demonstration version of E-Key.
  • Follow point 1 in « Buy E-Key Macroinvertebrates ». 

Buy E-Key Macroinvertebrates 

To definitively purchase E-Key, ask for an activation key using the following procedure:

  1. Download E-Key Macroinvertebrates by clicking on this link: E-Key Macroinvertébrés (1.6GB).
    For more complete documentation about download and installation of the software, click there.
    Warning: the activation key is valid only for one electronic device where the software has been downloaded and only for one time.

  2. Note the data created by your device when installing E-Key (identification number)
  3. Go on our  internet shop, within "types", choose "clé électronique". 

  4. By completing the order form, you must indicate in the field "Remarques" the data created by your machine when installing E-Key (identification number).
  5. The CSCF processes your order and after payment control will send you by e-mail the activation key (Keycode) for a permanent use of E-Key Macroinvertebrates on one device. Please keep your identification number and your activation key in case of problems.
  • NB: It is also possible to send an e-mail to the secretary of the CSCF with all necessary information (identification number, name and surname, billing address).
  • If after installing E-Key Macroinvertebrates you do not send your order to the CSCF, you will only be able to use this E-Key for one week with a demonstration version comprising all features.

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