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From screening to strengths-based intervention: Meeting the needs of women experiencing ongoing psychological violence in intimate relationships
Oak Foundation

Psychological, physical and sexual intimate partner violence (IPV) against women are both a major public health issue and a human rights violation. Despite evidence that IPV victimization has deleterious effects on women’s health and quality of life, the short- and long-term consequences of victimization experiences continue to be underestimated. Psychological IPV victimization, in particular, remains critically underexamined. And while many studies have investigated the negative consequences associated with IPV experiences, few have considered protective factors and resilience that can improve the health and well-being of women experiencing ongoing psychological IPV victimization. To address gaps in research and clinical intervention, we are conducting a 3-year study within the framework of a community-based researcher-practitioner partnership. The study’s specific aims are:

  1. To develop a working definition of psychological IPV victimization to identify effective screening processes and promising intervention strategies combining medical charts and literature reviews;
  2. To improve screening and intervention processes for women experiencing ongoing psychological IPV victimization using focus groups and key informant interviews;
  3. To better understand women’s daily experiences of psychological IPV and specific intervention needs by combining biographical interviews and clinical assessments in a prospective study with a sample of help-seeking women; and
  4. To increase practitioners’ knowledge about women’s psychological IPV victimization experiences, effective screening processes and promising intervention strategies through the development of training and communication materials.

Co-investigators: Emmanuel Escard, Medical doctor (UIMPV, Geneva University Hospitals) and Véronique Jaquier Erard, Psychologist and Doctor in criminology (Centre for Criminological Research, University of Neuchâtel)
Team: Mélinée Schindler, Sociologist and Floriano Von Arx, Psychologist and Licensed Psychotherapist (UIMPV, Geneva University Hospitals), and Katia Iglesias Rutishauser, Doctor in psychology, Methodologist (School of Health Sciences Fribourg, Hes-so)

Contact: veronique.jaquier@unine.ch

Aide contrainte pour les hommes et les femmes auteurs de violence domestique
Collaboration de recherche

Collaboration de recherche avec l'Office de la politique familiale et de l'égalité de l'État de Neuchâtel et le Service pour les auteur∙e∙s de violence conjugale au Centre neuchâtelois de psychiatrie. Cette recherche a pour objectif principal d'examiner le profil et les trajectoires d'hommes et de femmes ayant pris part à un programme d'aide contrainte en matière de violence domestique.

Jaquier V, Stein H, Van Daele F, Accompagner le changement: Le Service pour auteur∙e∙s de violence conjugale de Neuchâtel. Neuchâtel: CRRC, CNP et OPFE, 2016 (disponible sur demande)

Contact: veronique.jaquier@unine.ch