Nadline Kjelsberg

Research Interests

Conservation work focused on chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) by assessing nest decay and nest production rates in Budongo forest, Uganda

After completing a Bachelor of Biology at the University of Neuchâtel, I am undertaking a master of biology specialized in conservation and animal behaviour. To cover terrestrial & marine species conservation, I undertook my first semester in Australia (University of Technology Sydney) to specialize in marine biology and sciences management for conservation. I went back to the University of Neuchâtel to specialize in general species conservation & biodiversity and animal behaviour.

For my master thesis, I want to carry out a study in wildlife conservation on endangered species. Thus, I will assess the population status of chimpanzees in Budongo forest of Uganda by using nest decay and production rates. These rates can give us an idea about a possible population decline to take effective conservation measures for population maintenance. Nests will be followed, and the nesting behaviour of focal chimpanzees, as well as the forest ecology, will be recorded. I will also identify which tree species and height are preferred by chimpanzees to help establish conservation measures.