In tribute to Professor Geneviève de Weck, the 13th speech therapy conference will be dedicated to a theme at the heart of her research interests: “ From interaction to intervention: what keys?”, which she explored all along her academic career. With her socio-interactionist approach, she contributed to the development of clinical speech therapy by highlighting the role of interaction, which cannot be dissociated from its social and contextual dimension: the type of discourse, the context of production, the type of activity, the type of interlocutor, etc., determine the situation of interaction that regulates speech therapy interviews, from evaluation to intervention. In particular, she contributed to show the existence of discursive or pragmatic disorders, as well as to identify the resources that patients have and that can be used during speech therapy treatment.


The role of interaction is now well recognised in clinical speech therapy, yet the approaches that explicitly integrate the contribution of social interactionism to speech therapy intervention are still rare. The 13th conference thus not only intends to outline the importance of such an approach – interactionism – during practice, but also aims to undertake the examination of major understanding keys on interaction for a better intervention, in light of the last acquired knowledge.

Language and speech therapists, we welcome you to contribute to that events, either in attending to the colloquium, or in presenting your recent work according to theme of the colloquium.


Du 1er au 15 juin 2016 pour les contributeurs


Du 1er juin au 15 octobre 2016 pour toute autre personne


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Open from June 1st to 15th 2016 for contributors


Open from June 1st to Octobre 15th 2016 for any other person

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