Jaeggli, Christoph

PhD student


My resarch will focus on the development of efficient Monte Carlo (MC) methods based on Mulitple-Point Statistics (MPS) for solving inverse problems. The goals are to characterize geological reservoirs by accounting for all available information provided by direct or indirect observations, and to evaluate parameter uncertainty.

During my PhD, I will concentrate on the development of new sampling stategies for the proposal distribution in Markov chains by exploiting our MPS techniques together with sensitivities of the stat variables to the parameter field.

Positions held

  • Since 2015 - PhD candidate, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland


  • MSc Degree in Applied Mathematics. École Polythechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. 2014. Thesis Title: FETI-DP domain decomposition method.

  • BSc in Mathematics. École Polythechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. 2012.

Selected Publications

  • L. Dede', C. Jäggli, A. Quarteroni. Isogeometric numerical dispersion analysis for two-dimensional elastic wave propagation. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 284 (2015), 320-348

  • C. Jäggli, L. Iapichino, G. Rozza. An improvement on geometrical parameterizations by transfinite maps. Comptes Rendus Mathématiques. 2014.



Office: E321

Phone: +41 (0) 32 718 26 07



Centre d'hydrogéologie et de géothermie (CHYN)
Emile-Argand 11
CH-2000 Neuchâtel