Gong, Chengcheng


PhD Student



My research focuses on infiltration and recharge processes in semi-arid regions. The assessment of groundwater recharge is one of the key challenges for determining the sustainable yield of aquifers in arid zones. Groundwater recharge rates depend not only on the precipitation and actual evaporation, but also on the physical properties of the unsaturated zone, the antecedent moisture condition, vegetation cover and the water table dynamics.

This research project integrates state of the art numerical models such as the HydroGeoSphere simulator and calibration approaches to identify the key observations required to reduce the uncertainty of recharge predictions under different hydrological conditions. Our numerical studies are based on long time series of high-resolution field- and lysimeter data in China. The study provides insights into the spatial and temporal dynamics of recharge as well as evapotranspiration dynamics and thus provides quantitative support for groundwater resources management.   



2010-2014: B.Sc.in Environmental Science, Chang’an University,China

2014-2016: Master period in Environmental Science,Chang’an Univeristy, China

2016-Present: PhD candidate in Environmental Science, Chang’an University, China

2018-Present: PhD candidate, Center for Hydrogeology and Geothermics (CHYN), Laboratory of Hydrogeological processes, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland



Gong, Chengcheng., Wang, Wenke., Zhang, Zaiyong., Wang, Hao., Luo, Jie., Brunner, Philip. (2020). Comparison of field methods for estimating evaporation from bare soil using lysimeters in a semi-arid area. Journal of Hydrology, 590, 125334.






Office: E210

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Centre for Hydrogeology and Geothermics (CHYN)

Emile-Argand 11

CH-2000 Neuchâtel