Gianni, Guillaume

In 2000 the Walliser authorities launched the third Rhône correction project (Wallis, Switzerland). This project aims to redesign the streambed of the Rhône River (widening and/or lowering) in order to avoid massive damage (up to 10 milliards of swiss francs) in case of 100-year floods. The city of Sion (capital of the canton of Wallis) required a particular attention with respect to the impact of the third Rhône correction project on its underground water resources. The establishment of fully integrated surface water and groundwater hydrogeological numerical models allows to simulate and analyze the consequences of the alterations of the streambed on the groundwater resources of the canton.

Positions held


  • MSc in Hydrogeology and Geothermy
    CHYN, UniNE, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • MSc in Applied Geology
    Geoscience Azur, UNSA, Nice, France
  • BSc in Environmental Geosciences
    Geoscience Azur, UNSA, Nice, France




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Centre d'hydrogéologie et géothermie (CHYN)
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