Group members

Guillaume JOURNOT (Mulhouse)

Ph.D. student since 2008
Scope and limitation of the reduction of Calix[4]pyrroles, Calix[4]furanes and open systems

Christian INVERNIZZI (Milan)

Ph.D. student since 2010
Synthesis of ordered discotic mesophases

Inga KHOLOD (ZAITSEVA) (Neuchâtel)

Ph.D. student since 2007
New Methods for the Synthesis of Rhazinilam Analogues

Christelle SCHENK (Neuchâtel)

Ph.D. student since 2007

Ana-Maria BUCIUMAS (Neuchâtel)

Postdoc since 2010


Postdoc since 2010

Dr. Anca PORDEA (Neuchâtel)

Postdoc since 2010
Organocatalysis with half-reduced dipyrrane derivatives