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The ASECO defends the rights of the 'intermediate body' of non-professorial academic staff of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FSE). According to the university rules, this includes the faculty's doctoral assistants, post-docs, research assistants, lecturers and course supervisors.  

As part of this role, the ASECO  responds to all questions, qualms and worries of its members regarding their working conditions in order to improve them. We also regularly organise events to enhance the collegiality, cohesion, and social aspects among the non-professorial academic staff. The ASECO is always available for your questions and suggestions about all aspects of life and work at the FSE. 

Furthermore, members of the faculty are designated as representatives for the various councils and commissions of the university in order to maintain the interests of our faculty and our staff across the various aspects of university life and rules. This includes, but is not limited to, the Council of the Faculty (conseil de faculté), the Commissions of Nomination for new professors, the Commision for Sustainability, and the Commission for Teaching Quality. 

Statutes and functions

The ASECO is defined by the statutes and the rules of representatives (see the documents to the right). 

Created in 2003, then reactivated in 2014, the ASECO coordinates with and supports the ACINE to enhance the conditions of non-professorial academic staff across the university, with a targeted and long-term policy. 

The ASECO defends the rights of the 'intermediate body' of non-professorial academic staff of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FSE). According to the university rules, this includes the faculty's doctoral assistants, post-docs, research assistants, lecturers and course supervisors.  

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