Anindita Basu Sempere


Advisor: Professor Patrick Vincent

Anindita Basu Sempere is a doctoral candidate studying place and poetics in 20th century American literature. Prior to joining the Institute of English Studies at UNINE, Anindita co-founded The Writing Faculty, an online tutoring company focused exclusively on teaching writing, where she was also the Executive Director. She was the Director of Education of a boutique tutoring company in the United States and a founding faculty member of a charter school in Cambridge, MA.

In addition to research and teaching, Anindita is a writer. She is represented by Caryn Wiseman of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Research Interests

Anindita is studying how engagement with new places is mediated into literature. What kind of engagement with a new place changes a writer’s poetics? How do memories influence creative relationships to both new and old places? How is an author’s personal displacement and assimilation mediated into writing?

Academic Background

B.A. in Computer Science and English, Wellesley College

S.M. in Media Arts and Science from the Future of Learning Group, MIT Media Lab

M.A. in English from the Creative Writing Program (Poetry), Boston University 

M.F.A. in Writing for Children and Young Adults, Vermont College of Fine Arts

Research and Publications


Spring (2016-present): Talking Point, Wednesdays 12:00-12:45, 13:15-14:00, and 14:15-15:00 in B.1.49

Fall (2016-present): Introduction to Creative Writing, Thursdays 12:00-14:00 in B.1.49

Office hour: by appointment