Courses for reinforcement (module PP5)

Selection of courses approved by the Institute of English Studies as Interdisciplinary Reinforcement.

Academic year 2020-2021

Below is a selection of courses to choose from. If Students wish to choose another course they must have their choice approved by the Director of the Institute.

Students must check the number of credits that they acquire in these courses. If they choose to attend two lectures or seminars in an outside discipline, they must make sure they acquire a total of 10 credits (at least). If they choose to attend only one lecture or seminar in an outside discipline (and complete the module with a Professional Internship or a Language Stay Abroad), they must make sure that they acquire 5 credits (at least) with the lecture or seminar they have chosen. Some lectures and seminars may give only 4 credits. In this case, in order to have the lecture or seminar count as 5 credits for Reinforcement in English, students will write a short report about how the lecture or seminar they participated in relates to their studies in English.

Students are not allowed to choose as part of Reinforcement lectures and seminars in one of the other Piliers in their Bachelor.


  • Civilisations et langues de l’Antiquité et du Moyen-Age :

J.-J. Aubert, semestre d’automne : Introduction aux sciences de l'Antiquité

  • Histoire :

K. Schulz, semestre d’automne : Cours général (Histoire contemporaine)

  • Histoire de l’art :

P.-A. Mariaux, semestre d’automne : Introduction à l’histoire de l'art médiéval

  • Information et communication :

F. Clément, semestre d’automne et de printemps : Introduction aux sciences de l'information et de la communication

L. de Saussure, semestre de printemps : Linguistique générale 2 : introduction à la sémantique et à la pragmatique

  • Langue et littérature françaises :

J.-P. Van Elslande, semestre d’automne et de printemps : Introduction à l'histoire littéraire

J.-P. Van Elslande, semestre d’automne et de printemps : Formes et genres littéraires (cours)